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Hanging with... Luis Irán and Macca Studios

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Para esta edición de "Hanging with..." hemos entrevistado a Luis Irán, un talentoso artista venezolano que se ha destacado en diferentes medios como la música, el diseño, y el mercadeo. Luis emigró a los US en el 2019 junto a su esposa Jelena y su hijo Lucas; Jelena es también otra persona altamente creativa y con amplia experiencia en el área de mercadeo y publicidad, lo que los convierten en una pareja con experticia y habilidades únicas y resaltantes.

Luis es el fundador de Macca Studios, compañía de mercadeo establecida en Miami, que se ha encargado de llevar la cuenta de Instagram de #guíaparasalirdelpaís. En Caracas, Venezuela, Luis tuvo una compañía muy reconocida especializada en ofrecer soluciones de mercadeo y comunicación a diferentes clientes. Luis espera que Macca, su nueva compañía en los US, pueda crecer y sobrepasar lo que alguna vez tuvo en Venezuela, y así posicionarse como una de las compañías creativas más respetadas en el sur de Florida.

Tuvimos el chance de dialogar con Luis acerca de su experiencia como emprendedor inmigrante. La entrevista a continuación fue hecha en inglés; úsala para mejorar tus niveles de lectura en el idioma. Luis ya lo domina bastante, considerando que solo tiene tres meses de vivir en los US.

Hanging with Luis Irán How long have you been in the USA and why did you choose the city of Miami?

Luis Irán: We arrived in the United States just 3 months ago. We chose the city of Miami for a networking issue, here we have more former co-workers, friends, and family than in any other city in the world. Also, it is a few hours away from our country, which is very convenient. How has living in the US been so far?  Do you feel it was much different from what you had imagined?  How so?

Luis Irán: Since we considered living in the USA, we knew that it would require a lot of work, effort and the willingness to face things we couldn’t even imagine. That is probably why, although there have been hard days when anxiety and impatience hit us, we feel that the city has treated us good enough. Issues such as apartment search, school for our son, insurance and all those basic things have been as we were told. But one thing is to know how things are and another thing is to experience them yourself. How is your son adapting to the new school and a new environment?  

What have been the biggest challenges you have had to endure in regards to bringing your kid with you guys to the US?

Luis Irán: Language. We have a very outgoing and communicative son, so, by not mastering English, he feels limited in his particular way of being and expressing himself. However, we are fortunate to have found a bilingual school and have observed that, as the days go by, new words and new expressions have begun to flow into the way he speaks. Timing and willingness are key in this matter. Tell us one awesome lesson-learning story/experience that has happened to you since you have been here, that could benefit other immigrants going through the same process?

Luis Irán: That not all stories are the same. There are no formulas. What has worked for someone else does not guarantee that it will work for you and vice versa. Therefore, it is very important to recalculate, rethink and constantly refine details. All those stories and experiences of others are nothing more than mere references that should help us draw a map through which we must travel at our own pace. Luis, what does Macca mean and what does the company do? How did the idea originate to create this company?

Luis Irán: Macca is a personal reinvention in our professional careers. It is to take all our experience of so many years as publicists and combine it with skills and passions such as music, design, and photography, to definitely emancipate ourselves from the agencies as employees and create something that belongs to us and with our own style. What kind of vision do you have for your company?  Where do you see it in 5 five years?

Luis Irán: In Venezuela it was very difficult to project ourselves in the short term and long term it was simply impossible. Having emigrated to the USA, legally and with the possibility of working in our field, is already a great first step. We are still getting to know how are the processes of this country although we definitely bet on developing a brand, doing what we are passionate about and that allows us total independence and economic growth. Besides being an innovative media entrepreneur, you're also an accomplished musician. Can you tell us more about that aspect of your career and how are you advancing it while you're in the US?  

Luis Irán: Parallel to my career as an advertising creative, I worked hard on one of my great passions that is music. This and advertising were worlds that were always very symbiotic since they allowed me to digest the experiences of one and apply them to the other. The constant work of more than 10 years gave me satisfactions such as 7 albums, national tours, an important presence in the media, nominations for awards, recognition and the construction of a name that enjoys respect in the music field of my country. These are all achievements that resulted in proven credentials that allowed me to opt for a 01 visa, and continue to develop my talent on American soil. Macca is my way of combining these two worlds in a more formal way. Some people talk about a certain renaissance of Venezuelan music, taking place outside of Venezuela, pushed by exiled Venezuelan artists having to reinvent themselves in their new home towns. Do you feel that's happening? What can you tell us about the "Venezuelan" music scene in Miami?

Luis Irán: I come from the world of rock and roll, from the so called “underground” rock scene has always been a less popular genre in Latin cities, and Miami is no exception. Although Venezuelan rock artists have always had an important presence, in one way or another, in important awards such as the Grammys, this is very small compared to everything that happens in genres such as urban. What is an unquestionable fact is that a scene of the traditional Venezuelan music scene has grown around the world. All this seems logical to me because, for better or worse, our country is being noticed by millions of people and the constant diaspora has taken us to almost every corner of the planet. But it is a phenomenon that is not exclusive to music, it happens in many other disciplines. we understand you also have a very interesting career background.  What did you do in Venezuela?

Jelena: I’ve worked in advertising agencies for most of my professional life. I worked in the account & strategic department, but I've always leaned into the creative side. I worked for the leading advertising agencies of Venezuela, and in 2014, I worked for one of the main players of the digital and social media agencies of my country. In 2016, when my husband and I decided to run our own company, I continued to work as a project manager, communication specialist, and social media strategist. But during those years, I was free to focus on my passion: photography. We started to offer content creation services because we were able to combine the best of two worlds: our knowledge of having worked in the advertising industry for so many years, together with our creative skills in the photography, videography, music and editing fields. Fun question, what's your favorite place to eat in Miami, and your favorite thing to do? Btw, do you see yourselves living in Miami for a while, or are you considering moving to other cities?

Luis Irán: We have been living like the Amish. All those things are yet to be discovered. Although I can name a couple of places: one is a very fun milkshake shop in Coconut Grove called “Vicky's House” that is set in the 80's, they have an extensive menu of milkshakes and craft beers, and it is decorated with incredible toys of that time, they even have a Zoltar. There is also “Tea & Poets”, an incredible bazaar shop with a stage where artists perform in different formats, from musicians to poets, with a very relaxed atmosphere and a good menu of craft beers. Our son could recommend the “Legion Park” that is near Bizcayne Blv close to Little Haiti and the “Shenandoah Park” in Coral Way.


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