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Get the expertise of a former federal prosecutor/US Army JAG CORPS Officer and Corporate Trial attorney on your side.

We understand that navigating the laws of the United States of America can be a complicated process; that is why we have built an effective, caring, honest and experienced team that will take care of all your legal needs and will guide you through each step of the journey.  Our clients are without a doubt our biggest passion. 

We have vast experience in litigating in front of immigration, civil, criminal and military courts. Give us a call TODAY so you can see for yourself what others are already saying:  Few law firms will fight as HARD as we do to make sure that you get the positive results that you desire and deserve.

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(737) 808-4160 / (866) 586-5513 FAX

Our world is going through very complicated and tough times that are forcing many good, honest and hard working people and their families out of the countries that they have called home. 

We have represented successfully many affirmative and defensive asylum cases for clients from different countries, including Venezuela, Turkey and El Salvador, to name a few.  We understand the particularities of the asylum process very well and have a team that will take you by the hand and give you the tools and the preparation necessary to WIN your case. 

Having an effective attorney may have a very substantial impact on your application, so whether you are defending your asylum or considering applying for it, give us a call today or contact us through this site, so we can get started right away.


About Juan Antonio Lozada

Juan Lozada is a Venezuelan-American attorney, father of four, and uncompromising defender of human rights.


Knowledge and experience matter:  Juan is a former federal prosecutor and US Army JAG Corps officer, as well as a former corporate trial attorney.   Juan has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, a Juris Doctorate from the Ohio State University College of Law, a Master of Arts from Saint Mary's University, a Masters in Law from the University of Houston Law Center and a second Master's in Law from the University of Texas at Austin, Juan is also a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, The International Humanitarian Law Institute at San Remo and the Human Rights Academy at American University.

Juan believes that everyone deserves to be free and treated in a just manner.  He will fight relentlessly for your rights and use all his expertise and knowledge to zealously represent you. 

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The purpose of #guiaparasalirdelpais is to offer stories, tips and suggestions for immigrants going though the process of integrating to American society.  #guiaparasalirdelpais is also a community of people interested in bettering their quality of life and making the United States their home.  


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